Comfortable & Cost Effective

You can book your transfer with St. Lucia Paradise Transfers hassle-free and receive an unbeatable price! No hidden or reservation fees are guaranteed, so you know it will be affordable for any budget.

Connectivity & Entertainment

Your favorite videos and music will be at your fingertips with our services. We provide unlimited Wi-Fi, Sound System, Bluetooth connectivity as well as monitors so you can enjoy them for the duration of transfer!

Safety & Security

Remember that no matter what, our priority is always your safety and well-being. We're proud to provide services with comprehensive insurance coverage in all units so you can rest assured knowing it's there if anything happens!

Reliablity & Flexibility

Booking St. Lucia Paradise Transfers, your safety and well-being are our top priorities! We monitor all flights so that when they arrive at their destination - no matter what may have delayed them in between - clients can be confident knowing we'll be there waiting for them with a warm welcoming embrace.